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Seized & Broken Injector Removal
Seized & Broken Glow Plug Removal
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    We make fuel injector removal an affordable choice for everyone, with a mobile and in house service that makes things easy for you

    Fully Trained

    We are fully trained and experienced mechanics that can remove all types of fuel injectors on a wide range of vehicles

    Complete Dealer Level

    We are fully MotorCodes Approved and TSI-approved (Trading Standards Institute) and strictly adhere to the Motor Industry Code of Practice

    Going the Extra Mile

    We promise to be the most efficient and reliable fuel injector removal service in London and surrounding areas, going the extra mile for emergency injector removal.

    If your fuel injector is faulty and in need of removal, then our professional service allows us to take it from your car for cleaning, repair or replacement, even if it is stuck in place.

    Even if another garage has attempted to work on your vehicle and has broken or damaged the injector, we can still remove it, even if it means drilling the injector out.

    A damaged injector might cause a car to shake, judder, misfire or stall completely when you are out on the road. Most garages can diagnose the problem, but not many offer hydraulic seized injector removal.

    Our customer base includes main dealers, independent garages, mobile mechanics and individuals. We can either come to you or you can book your vehicle in our workshop.

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    We can remove:

    • Seized Injectors.
    • Broken or Snapped Injectors.
    • Injectors that have been welded onto.
    • Damaged and manipulated injectors.
    • Bosch, Siemens, Delphi and Denso fuel injectors.

    We also can:

    • Remove broken and seized injector clamp bolts, rethread/helicoil.
    • Remove snapped, broken and seized glowplugs.
    • Replace cylinder head injector sleeves on 1.6 DV6 HDI engines.
    • Test, Diagnose and Supply Diesel Injectors.

    Makes and Models

    We offer our injector removal service for all cars, trucks and vans – the most common brands being:

    Express (Same Day) Services can be offered within 150 miles radius of Central London areas and locations

    Areas outside these are still covered however may not be available for same-day service.