Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 cdti, Renault Trafic 2.0dci, Nissan Primastar 2.0dci non start,
intermittent cutting out or misfiring equipped with M9R engine

All the below symptoms are very common and often experienced by drivers causing vans not to be driveable.

If vehicle is scanned then it’s very likely you’ll find one of the following fault codes:

DF026 Cylinder 1 injector control circuit
DF027 Injector cylinder 2 control circuit; Injector control
DF028 Cylinder 3 injector or control circuit malfunction
DF029 Cylinder 4 injector or control circuit malfunction
DF052 Injector electrical circuit short circuit to earth
DF052 Injector control circuit

DF059 Misfiring cylinder 1 – Computer supply voltage
DF060 Misfiring cylinder 2 – Computer supply voltage
DF061 Misfiring cylinder 3 – Computer supply voltage
DF062 Misfiring cylinder 4 – Computer supply voltage

DF891 Group 1 injectors supply voltage
DF892 Group 2 injectors supply voltage P0200 Injector Circuit Malfunction
P0201 Injector cylinder 1 – Open circuit
P0202 Injector cylinder 2 – Open circuit
P0203 Injector cylinder 3 – Open circuit
P0204 Injector cylinder 4 – Open circuit
P0268 Injector cylinder 3
P0301 cylinder 1 – Misfire detection

If after a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) reading you have one of above codes, it’s likely that one or more of your engine diesel injectors are faulty and will need replacing.

Vauxhall Nissan and Renault Vans

As can be seen from the article above, it’s a well-known issue for injectors to be failing on Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Nissan Primastar vehicles equipped with MN9 engine due to corrosion caused by water ingress on top of the engine. Water sitting on top of the cylinder head will affect the body of the injector as it gets in between the injector and cylinder head causing material to corrode in the same way as the head material. Moisture will also get inside the injector solenoid and connector, causing an electric shortcut leading to premature injector failure.

We always strongly advise that if an injector has gone faulty, to identify the reason for failure and rectify this cause. Here at OGS Mechanics we cover all repairs with a 1 year warranty and we’ll advise of all work requirements in order to prevent further premature injector failure.

Below is an example of a corroded injector that were only able to be extract in pieces. Corrosion caused the injector to be very stuck and after applying pulling force for extraction it broke and had to be removed in two stages.


We are the UK’s leading Injector Removal Service Provider offering guaranteed replacement of faulty diesel injectors even if they are broken. Our highly trained technicians use specially designed equipment to perform injector extraction or drilling on daily basis, so you can rest assured you will receive the most professional service.