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Have you lost, damaged or never had your locking wheel nut key/socket? We can remove most locking wheel nuts and bolts without causing damage to the alloy wheel and in a short period too.

Call us with your vehicle details and location and we’ll be ready to solve your locking wheel nut or bolt problem! We offer both a mobile service mobile or at our premises.

Locking wheel nuts or security wheel nuts are usually fitted on each wheel and their purpose is to prevent removal unless the appropriate special and unique socket is used. In short, it’s an anti-theft device for alloys wheels. A standard wheel nut or bolt can be removed easily using an normal socket which means your wheels could be stolen so the presence of locking wheel nuts is now an imperative way of securing expensive alloy wheels. Most car manufacturers now fit locking wheel nuts as standard.

Sometime, this extra protection can work against you if you lose the locking wheel nut – for example, you leave it at the tyre garage. It might also be that the security nut or bolt has been over tightened and on removal, the socket breaks. Perhaps you have bought a car only to find there is no locking wheel nut.


If you buy a new car, be sure it comes with the locking wheel nut socket and whenever any work is carried out to your vehicle ensure the security socket is back in the car to its position.

Damaged locking wheel nut removed from Citroen C5. We cover most makes and models.

We provide a mobile service for locking wheel nut and bolt removal. We use master keys and various other techniques to safely remove stubborn locking wheel nuts or bolts without causing damage to your alloy wheels. If in need of locking wheel nuts or bolts removal call us!