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Broken and stuck spark plugs

Broken or seized Spark plugs removal service and thread repair to spark plug fitting thread

Broken or snapped spark plugs happen for various reasons including during attempted removal or installation. Seized or stuck spark plugs are the main reason breakage during attempted removal and can be caused by lack of servicing – meaning the spark plug replacement has perhaps not been carried out at the correct required interval, or the installation procedure has not been followed the right way.

This image shows a slightly corroded spark plug due to water ingress against a brand new spark plug.

Broken or seized spark plugs, or spark plugs with cylinder head thread damage require specialist attention. Call us with your vehicle details and we’ll find a solution to your problem.

Here at OGS Mechanics we have developed procedure of safely removing seized or broken spark plugs. We clean or repair the cylinder head thread using special design materials and tools to ensure a replacement spark plug can be tightened to the designated torque and will perform as the original. We carry out all the work in situ and minimise vehicle dismantling and cost.

Our success rate is 99% and in general, we have a solution for any seized or broken spark plug problem.

What is a spark plug?

The spark plug is the device used in the engine combustion chamber to ignite the compressed fuel/air mixture with an electric spark. The spark plug is built with a metal threaded shell that screws into a cylinder head. At the centre of the plug is an electrode isolated from the exterior by a porcelain insulator. The top of the spark plug is usually connected to an ignition lead or ignition coil, linked to a sparking electrode with an internal resistor.